by Smalltown Life

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released April 11, 2016

jakub spiszak - all instruments, production
marek petkov - backing vocals on track 1
recorded in 2015 in bedroom "studio"



all rights reserved


Smalltown Life Šaľa, Slovakia

A bedroom project started by Jakub Spiszak in late 2014.
In 2015 - 2016 known as Crosswalk, that is now a different band with the same name, after the quit of Philip and later Jakub. Current Line Up since Oct. 2016 :
Philip Petison
Martin Fratric
Samuel Augstin
Jakub Spiszak
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Track Name: What If...
i ran away because i was loosing focus
and all in all my efforts were actutally hopeless
being silly wasnt kept just for occasion
my favourite day was not a day of celebration

teacher sat upon them and they liked it pretty much
teacher liked to beat them and they enjoyed her cold touch

you are just footmen full of expectation
you find yourself crying above your own creation
dying of trying pushed to a black hole
loving the idea of eating from the same bowl
Track Name: Seventh Floor
reaching corner, observing from seventh floor
there is no use for the door
sun went up and street lights died
that place is the one where i will fry

farewell my dear friend, take your time to land,
see it's better now, feel eternal love

reaching corner, observing from seventh floor
there is no use for the door

threats so mean, still they cant break me
the temptation is what im counting on with all the good numbers
i still believe in miracles
Track Name: So Far So Good
we've been thrown to an endless circuit
the main point is to execute
deterred by your ugly boring glances
even a hungry dog would loose it's chances
might be so far so good
clearly visible by your mood
but this is not just for a season
affection by a global treason

time to break it down
time to burn the crown
time to realise
we're all demonized
wake up and break it down
lets go burn the crown
time to realise

the thought behind the eyes
is something we might have mindlessly accepted
although for some it may be only awkward
endless queues cannot be obviated

and every time im thrown in im just trying to evade
try to believe that this is a nonsense
put a dot to this debate